SoMatcha is a packaging concept that  allows high-grade matcha milk tea to be easily accessible to anyone on the go. This concept is meant to be a quick and sustainable approach to the usually long preparation and consumption process of matcha milk tea.
Somatcha’s logotype is in Omnes Medium. The counter of the “o” features tea leaves that resemble the whisked foam of a matcha milk tea. This relates back both to the origin of matcha tea as well as the identifiable form matcha milk tea comes in: a matcha latte.
The shape of the bottle, meanwhile, is inspired by traditional bamboo tea whisks. These whisks are used to briskly whisk matcha tea powder into hot water until it froths. This releases flavor and quality. By referencing traditional whisks as our bottle shape, we provide both familiarity and a nod to tradition–complete with a bamboo printed cap.
In the best interest of this product, Somatcha is encased in painted glass. Plastic was avoidable due to its lack of sustainability. Glass is sustainable due to its 100% recyclability. 
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