TikTik is a conceptual bike share system centered on speed, efficiency and convenience. Tiktik's stacked, cylindrical form is meant to illustrate movement and the brand's fast-paced nature. Get tik-ing!
TikTik's wordmark is the typeface Lato Italic. Lato was selected to be the main identifier for TikTik due to the ligature between the “t” and the “i”.  This visual treatment implies both speed and connection. This typeface also consists of subtle curves. This, in combination with the rigidness of the ligature and italics, implies a friendly, yet earnest nature.
TikTik's bike frames are narrow and tubular, much like the cylindrical forms in the structure itself.
The repetition of “tik” is TikTik’s most prominent branding feature. This visual treatment of the brand’s name was chosen as it is reminiscent of both the tick of a bike and the tick of a lock.  This double-meaning reinforce’s the brand’s attitude and mission statement. 
The kiosk is 72 feet long and 16 feet wide. Both halves of the kiosk are reflections of the other in order to allow for equal access on both sides of the structure. 
Supplementary graphic elements consist of rounded rectangles and cylinders that emulate the structure of the kiosk. these shapes are also a reference to the rounded features of the Lato type.
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